As you all know, since voting to leave the European Union, there has been a certain volatility in the market, leading to uncertainty and ultimately, as predicted, higher prices all across the board.

Now all of the companies that supply us all the things we need to bring you a perfect end product (paper, CD’s, trays, glue dots etc) have hiked their prices, some by a whopping 20% just to cover any further volatility and most importantly so they don’t lose a penny profit and in some cases, taking advantage of the situation to make further profit out of a bad situation.

For us, this is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, it means that small companies such as ours, in theory would have to pass the losses on again to the customer, or at least share them because these larger companies, in their greed have lost sight of what’s important. You guys.

Our promise to you, the end customer, for the foreseeable future and until things become clearer is that WE WILL NOT be raising our prices and making you suffer but instead taking less profit where we have to. We will still run promotions and offers. We will simply keep things as they are and head to the Winchester while it all blows over.

After all, same boat, different day.
Lot’s of Love,
Team CRAM xxx

PS: Here’s a pic I think show’s our sheer genius in a desperate situation.